The legal bits


We don’t want to get too formal on you for what is after all a fun event. However there are a few things we should point out.

This virtual race is organised by the Friends of Pendock School who are all volunteers and by a number of other volunteers from the school and running community to help raise funds for Pendock Primary School.

This is a Virtual Event – that means you select where and when you run or walk your chosen distance. Therefore it is your responsibility to plan your route and ensure your own health and safety.If you have entered a child it is your responsibility to ensure his / her health and safety at all times. You confirm that you haven’t relied on any information from the organisers of the event to determine your route or any other aspect of your participation.

When participating you agree to comply with the law and any local law , bye-law , and regulation together with Government Guidance on COVID-19 . You confirm that you will be solely responsible for any breaches of any of the above.

You accept that the organisers may use the information provided by you to enter the race to contact you about the race and to share it with others so far as necessary for the purposes of the virtual race only. By submitting details of your run including photographs you agree to these being published in connection with the race unless you tell us not to.

You also agree that we have a legitimate interest in using your entry information to contact you in relation to future Pendock Spring Chicken Runs whether physical or virtual. However you can contact us at anytime to ask us not to use this information for this purpose.