Race routes

Descriptions of each of the race routes (subject to change if necessary).

The 10K race route

View and download a map of the 10K route.

After the race briefing turn left out of the school and proceed uphill for about 30 metres to the start of the road bridge over the motorway.

Runners will proceed away from the school over the bridge and then left along Grafton Lane. At first this is a flat concrete surface but after a while the lane becomes a lot more uneven, but the run is now downhill to compensate. At the bottom of the lane turn left with a farm building on your left and a duck pond on your right. You will then run under the motorway bridge. The track reaches School Lane at which point you will turn right then very quickly left on to a farm track beside farm buildings.

You will start running uphill fairly gently, but as the track rises the hill steepens. Draw breath at the top and then it is a right hand turn along grass. In fair weather there will now be good views over the Malvern Hills. Descend from the grass over a low fence. It may be slippery and muddy at this point. Shortly there will be another left hand turn and you will be running on a small field again with views of the Malvern Hills but this time with Berrow Church in the foreground. Turn right and then descend steeply downhill for a short way and then right again along a track before turning left along a more obvious farm track.

At this point you will descend towards Berrow Church and then round the church on your left and keep it to you left as the road bends to the left. As this point there will be some fast running along the road. Turn left into Netherley Lane, past another duck pond and the road twists and turns before turning right. There is a rise before you descend into the village but having topped the rise you will be at half way.

Having reached School Lane it is tempting to turn right into the school – but please don’t as you won’t have completed 10K and won’t get your medal! Instead turn left, grab some water at the water station and then enjoy the downhill run through the village. You will soon find yourself out of the village again and turning left into the farm to repeat the 3rd to 5th kilometres. This time once you ascend the rise before the descent into Netherley Lane you have less than 500 metres to go and it is time to use the remaining energy. Once you reach School Lane it is then a sharp right and then a left hand turn into the back of the school and a sprint to the finish.

10K Route

The 5K race route

View and download a map of the 5K route.

After the race briefing turn left out of the school and go to the motorway bridge. Stand on the side of the road to cheer the 10K runners on as they depart. Once they have all passed the 5K race will start. This will start on the far side of the motorway bridge and runners will head back towards the school and enjoy the downhill run through the village. After just over a kilometre there is a left-hand turn into the farm where the 10K route is joined. There follows a left-hand turn. See the 10K route for further details.

The difference is that once you climb the rise just before entering the village you have 500 metres to go. Use all remaining energy to sprint down the rise and when you reach School Lane it is a sharp right-hand and then a left-hand turn to go into the back of the school and then sprint to the finish. If when you reach School Lane you turn left you will join the 10K runners and have another circuit – so please don’t do this!

5K Route

The 1K race route

The 1K start is at the end of the concrete section of Grafton Lane. It is then a straight dash down the lane towards School Lane. On reaching School Lane a short uphill puff over the motorway bridge, keeping to the pavement and then a welcome downhill section at speed to the school. Pass the school on your right and turn into the entrance at the rear of the school. You are now nearly there – on entering the school playground keep left round the perimeter to finish where the 1k run will finish later.