Race instructions

Please read the following very carefully before race day.

Pendock Spring Chicken Run (in summer) – Sunday 27th June 2021

Hello everyone and thank you for entering the Pendock Spring Chicken Run in summer!

I set out below final instructions which you should read carefully – particularly so this year.

Unable to run / transfer place

If you want to transfer your place over to a friend, please fill in the race transfer/withdrawal form before Friday 25th June. Any number swaps that aren’t changed over properly will cause issues with the results/prize-giving and invalidate insurance, so please ensure you complete the form before giving your entry to someone else. We’re unable to offer refunds (your entry fee will go towards improving the school).

Covid measures

We had hoped that Covid measures would have been lifted by now, but that is not the case and we all have a responsibility to take that into account and care for ourselves and others around us. Therefore various additional measures will be in place: –

  • Don’t turn up if you have Covid-19 symptoms. Traditionally these have been listed as having a continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change in normal sense of taste and smell. It appears that the Delta variant also can carry symptoms of headache, runny nose, sore throat which may be associated with other more common ailments. If you have any such symptoms which have not been diagnosed as being something different please take a test – if in doubt please don’t come to the event.
  • Use the sanitiser stations which will be placed around the school field.
  • Don’t crowd others – respect their space and please ensure you maintain social distancing.
  • Warm up away from the school and others.


It may be warm and we do have 2 water stations on the course. However, from a Covid perspective and also from a personal safety perspective we would suggest you carry water with you. If you do wish to take water from a water station it will not be handed to you and will be in sealed bottles. You will have to pick it up from the table. Once you have finished with the water, please ensure you either:

  • Place it in the bin at the water station
  • Leave with the next marshal
  • Carry it to the finish and dispose there

Medal/goodie collection

You will have to pick these items up from the relevant tables. No goodies will be handed to you.

Event chip timing

We are chip timing the race for the first time which will allow for wave starts for the 5k and 10k – see below. We will still have a prize giving. Official results will be posted later on our website and on the LuSH Race Timing website.

Starting of the races – waves and timing

The 1k for younger runners will be a mass start. However, whilst we appreciate that there will be a few speedy whizz runners at the front a lot will just want to have the experience. If you are in that category we would ask you to space well back from the start of the race so that everyone is not on top of each other at the start.

The 5k and 10k will start from the same point being a starting mat on the Pendock Cross side of the motorway bridge. The 10k will proceed away from the school and turn very quickly left into Grafton Lane. The 5k will proceed in the opposite direction.

Runners will be allocated numbers based upon estimated finish time and will be asked to gather in well-spaced groups of up to 50 people at 9.55am. The 5k runners will be asked to gather between Grafton Lane and Pendock Cross with the faster runners closer to Grafton Lane. The 10k runners will be asked to gather in well-spaced groups of up to 50 with the lower race numbers being closer to the start line.

As one wave starts the next wave will be asked to move forward to where that particular group was and so on until everyone has started. Please ensure you maintain social distancing during the start.

We are expecting approximately 200 runners for the 10k and 100 for the 5k.

Time will be accurately recorded through your chip in any event, but if anyone’s training has gone particularly well or particularly badly we have no objection to a person moving up or down a wave. Similarly, if you wish to run alongside a particular person that would be fine but please drop to the slower allocated group as necessary.

There will be plenty of volunteers on the day to help you get to the right place at the right time.

Getting here and parking

The school car park is closed to runners. Please don’t attempt to park there. Parking this year is further from the school, about a 10 – 15 minute walk so leave plenty of time please. The car park is on School Lane but after the exit from the village towards Tewkesbury (on the right) or if coming from Tewkesbury on the left just as you enter the village. There is a separate marshal car park halfway down School Lane from the school on the left as approached from the school.

Leaving Pendock at the end of the race

If you have finished your race before other runners have finished theirs please don’t go along School Lane in the direction of the school from the car park which interferes with health and safety and the enjoyment of other runners. If you are heading towards
the Cross before the race is finished please turn right out of the car park, then left at the T Junction to the Ledbury/Tewkesbury main road.

Number pick-up

This will be outside this year. You should pick up a number together with a chip tag to thread through your laces or Velcro on your shoes. Once you have picked this up please move away from the area to affix your number and tag.

In fixing your tag it is important to keep it as a flowing band with the chip at the top (no twists or folds). If the band with the chip timing is pressed up against another surface it may not work.

Number pick up opens at 8.15am. Important – some people will be running the 1k to support younger runners but also the 5k or 10k.

Race numbers will be allocated based on the estimated finish time you put when entering. 

A full list of race numbers and start waves will be published on the website from Friday 25th June and also on display at the school.

Please take note of your race number and start wave. You can view the estimated finish time. You can also amend your estimated finish time if you want to start in an earlier/later wave or run with someone else.

It is essential to note that if you are running more than one event you must not have your 5k or 10k chip on your shoe when running the 1k or at least you mustn’t have it on when coming into the finish area. Otherwise your time for the 5k/10k will be recorded as a negative time! The choice is either don’t go through the finishing area or don’t put on your 5k or 10k chip until after the 1k is completed. (The latter would be preferable).

Please complete the emergency contact details on the back of your number – pens and sanitiser will be present, but please bring a pen if possible.


  • 8.00 – car park opens
  • 8.15 – number pick up opens at school
  • 9.05 – 1k number pick up closes and 1k runners proceed to start almost 1k away
  • 9.30 – 5k and 10k number pick up closes, 1k starts
  • 9.50 – proceed to holding position for 5k and 10k races
  • 10.00 – 10k first wave starts followed promptly by the other waves
  • 10.05 – 5k first wave starts followed promptly by the other wave

No entries on the day

Thank you for your support for the race once again. Given the Covid measures and chip timing we will not be able to take entries on the day.

Road closure

Netherley Lane will be closed for the duration of the race – albeit by law we cannot prevent local entry. The other roads will be open so please be aware of traffic. Those running the 1k should not need to go onto a public road and when coming into school they should run on the pavement.

The course

As many of you will know we have taken out “the hill” this year. We realise this is a “marmite” decision. However, from a health and safety point of view we took the view that the top of the hill area is too uneven and the ruts are hidden by heavy vegetation. Having said this the course is still not flat, just flatter! Instead of going up the hill runners will turn right along the farm track but will still run on the dogleg after the track bends left and has an uphill section. The dogleg has uneven ground and there is a covering of vegetation, so please take care in that area. If you are at the front of the race the lead bike will wait as you enter the dogleg and pick you up again after you have left it so at that point please take the dog leg and don’t stop with the lead bike!

The course is currently very dry – albeit that if we have a lot of rain close to the event it could be sticky in places. Certainly at the moment road shoes are perfectly acceptable.

The off-road section is on private land so a massive thanks to Rosemary and Ed Philipson-Stow. Whilst some of the views are obscured by the summer vegetation there are still stunning views over to the Malverns and of Burrow Church. Parts of the route are not on public footpaths so please respect this. Also, if there is any litter please hold on to it until you can dispose of it responsibly.


Please don’t hang around the finish line. Goodies will be available but won’t be handed to you – you will need to pick these up. Remember to try to retain social distancing at this point.

We will hold a prize giving, but with Covid restrictions we will keep this lower key than in previous years and as far as possible socially distanced.

We all hope you have an enjoyable run. Any questions my mobile is 07979 518396. 

Yours in running

Nigel Tillott
Race Director