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Answers to some of the common questions we get asked.

Virtual run frequently asked questions

When will the prizes be awarded?

All virtual runs should be completed on or before Sunday 20th September. Prizes will be announced in the following days.

Can others enter the virtual run that didn’t enter previously?
How will I receive my medal and goodies?

When you have completed your virtual run and filled in the finishers form, you’ll be asked your preferred method of collection. There will be collection points at Pendock School and in Worcester, Gloucester, Malvern, Tewkesbury and Upton-on-Severn.

Complete the finishers form

Do I need to complete the virtual run on 19-20th September?

It would be good if as many as possible did the runs over the weekend of 19-20th September to create a real race spirit – and we will be distributing virtual numbers to help with this. However if you have to do the race earlier that is no problem. All we ask is that you upload your run details and ideally a photo to by 5pm on 20th September. We will then publish results and awards as soon as we can.

Where should I run?

You can do your own route in your own time when you like. Given that it is a virtual event and your route we can’t monitor it and you will be running it at your own risk. However to keep the ‘Pendock’ in the race it would be good if as many as possible could run within 10 miles of Pendock or somewhere visible from the village. The actual course is overgrown in places so not the best venue but we are lucky to have the Malvern Hills, Castlemorton Common, Redmarley Woods, Bredon Hill and the banks of the Severn and Avon all within reach. Whilst we can't be responsible for you copying we may be persuaded to share where we will be doing our runs - and would welcome your routes too!

Do I need to send proof that I completed the distance?

When you have completed your run, you will need to fill in the finishers form. You can send a screenshot from Garmin/Strava, etc or a photo of a treadmill screen or GPS watch. If you’re unable to send this in, that’s ok, but you won’t be eligible for time related prizes.

Complete the finishers form

Do I need to wear a race number when I complete the virtual run?

No, this is entirely optional.

Will the event go ahead next year?

Yes, we plan to host the non-virtual Pendock Spring Chicken Run on Sunday 21st March 2021. This is subject to change depending on government advice.

What happens with the t-shirt I ordered when I entered?

If you are completing the virtual run, you will receive your t-shirt with your medal and goodies. If not, please get in touch and we will arrange to get your t-shirt to you. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on t-shirts as they were made to order.

Can I get a refund?

If you can't do the race we hope you will donate the actual entry fee. As we had to cancel the original race less than a week before it was scheduled we have incurred most of the costs.

If you can't take part and don't wish to donate the entry fee we will refund the base entry fee less £3 covering most of the cost already incurred by the school for each entry.

Complete the refund request form.

Can I defer my place to next year?

Unfortunately not. As a small school, Pendock relies on the funds raised at this event and with us already incurring a lot of costs organising this year’s event, the school would lose even more money if places are deferred to next year.

If you still have questions, please phone race director, Nigel Tillott on 07979 518396 or fill out the contact form on the FAQ page.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here or on the Race Info page, please email