The race routes

Below you can find descriptions of the three races. The routes are subject to change if necessary.

Note: Due to the motorway bridge closure we have reworked the 10K and 5K routes for 2017 to avoid congestion over the motorway bridge itself. The 1K route remains unchanged.

You can see a map of the 10K route.

The 10K race route

After the race briefing turn right out of the school and proceed for about 100m.  This is where the race will start.  It will proceed gently downhill away from the school before turning left past some farm buildings on a farm track.  The route turns left again and proceeds uphill on a farm track past the 1k mark.  The hill gradually steepens.   Then once the top has been reached, breathing a sigh of relief, turn right along grass.  Providing the weather is fair good views open up over the Malvern Hills at this point.

The race then descends over a low fence – so please take care – and then takes a half left over what might be muddy ground for a short distance before a left turn again opens up good views, this time over Berrow Church and the Malverns behind it.  The route soon turns right sharply downhill and then right again along a track before turning left on a firmer track towards the church itself.  At this point the 2k marker is encountered.  Around the church with the church building being to your left.  There may be a water station at this point.  Join a tarmaced road and keep the church to your left and then after some fast running along the road take the left-hand turn along Netherley Lane. This goes past the duck pond on the left and twists and turns a bit as you pass the 3k mark and then reach 4k towards the end of Netherley Lane as you reach the village itself.

This year once you reach School Lane you will turn right.  There will be a water station at this point.  You will then run up and over the motorway bridge before turning left into Grafton Lane.  This is fast and flat on concrete to start with and you will be pleased to reach the half way point here. The lane then becomes more uneven but there is the benefit of downhill running until the end of the lane.  At this point there is a left turn and you run between a farm building on your left and a duck pond on your right.  You soon descend under the motorway.

At this point you have run 6kms.  You then reach School Lane again and turn right and then left on to the farm track and the last 3½k repeat some of the ground that you have previously run on – it would be a shame to miss out a second attempt at the hill and the views that follow it!  This time after completing your run along the lane turn right into School Lane but then immediately left into the school grounds and run around the perimeter of the school field the last 100m to the finish.

The 5K race route

The motorway bridge closure has caused us to change the starting position and direction of the 5k route. Therefore it will be important after the race briefing at 11.20 to turn out of the school grounds left and start making your way to the start. You will achieve this by going over the motorway bridge and then turning left along Grafton Lane. The start is about half way along the concrete section.

Runners will proceed away from the school along Grafton Lane. At first this is a flat concrete surface but after a while the lane becomes a lot more uneven, but the run is now downhill to compensate. At the bottom of the lane turn left with a farm building on your left and a duck pond on your right. You will then run under the motorway bridge at the 1k point. The track reaches School Lane at which point you will turn right then very quickly left on to a farm track beside farm buildings. You will then turn left again and this is where the major effort of the day will take place.

You will start running uphill fairly gently, but as the track rises the hill steepens. Draw breath at the top and then it is a right hand turn along grass. In fair weather there will now be good views over the Malvern Hills. Descend from the grass over a low fence and you will have run 2k. It may be slippery and muddy at this point. Shortly there will be another left hand turn and you will be running on a small field again with views of the Malvern Hills but this time with Berrow Church in the foreground. Turn right and then descend steeply downhill for a short way and then right again along a track before turning left along a more obvious farm track.

At this point you will descend towards Berrow Church and then round the church on your left and keep it to your left as the road bends to the left. At this point there will be some fast running along the road and you will pass the 3k point. Turn left into Netherley Lane, past another duck pond and the road twists and turns a bit before turning right at the 4k point. If you have any energy left this is the time to start to increase the tempo. There is a rise before you descend into the village but having topped the rise there is only about 500m to go so with the benefit of a downhill start it is now time to really start motoring!

You eventually reach School Lane and then it is a swift right turn and left turn into the school and around the perimeter to finish the race. Don’t miss the turn into the school. Otherwise you will be joining the 10k runners and will be doing a 10k run or more!

The 1K race route

1K Start is at the end of the concrete section of Grafton Lane.It is then a straight dash down the lane towards School Lane. On reaching School Lane a short uphill puff over the motorway bridge, keeping to the pavement and then a welcome downhill section at speed to the school. Pass the school on your right and turn into the entrance at the rear of the school.You are now nearly there – on entering the school playground keep left round the perimeter to finish where the 10K run will finish later.